History Cup of the North
    The first International competition of performers on folk instruments Cup of the North took place in Cherepovets in October, 1992.
The nominations representing folk musical instruments are traditional: the Russian bayan, the balalaika and domra, the Belarus cymbals, the Italian mandolin. To broaden the geography and the circle of participants of the competition new nominations have been introduced. So, at III Cup of the North the section Conducting of the folk instruments orchestra was opened, the initiator of it and the chairman of the jury was Nikolay Kalinin, the art director and the main conductor of the National Academic orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments named after N.P.Osipov. VI competition gave an opportunity to compete in skill to performers on tuned percussions - xylophone, marimbaphone, and vibraphone.
Each competition Cup of the North discovered new names. The Grand prix of the competition were awarded to: Larissa Rydlevskaya (cymbals, Minsk) and Andrey Gorbachev (balalaika, Voronezh) - I Cup of the North , to Vadim Chebanov (guitar, Moscow) - II competition, Michael Leonchik (cymbals, Minsk) - IV Cup of the North , to Sergey Osokin (accordion, Moscow) - V competition, Semeon Shmelkov (bayan, Moscow) - VI Cup of the North .
From competition to competition the number of the countries - participants has been growing. If in the first Cup of the North 9 CIS and other countries of the world took part, then in the second - already 13. At the third competition among the countries - participants for the first time was Japan.
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